Board Committees

Compensation Committee

The primary purposes of the Compensation Committee are to assist the Board in meeting its responsibilities with regard to oversight and determination of executive compensation. The Compensation Committee reviews and recommends to the Board for approval the base salary, annual bonus, long-term incentive compensation and other compensation, perquisites and special or supplemental benefits for Olympic Steels’s Chief Executive Officer and other executive officers. The Compensation Committee also makes recommendations concerning the Company’s employee benefit policies and has authority to administer equity compensation plans.

Each committee member is an independent director as defined in the Nasdaq Stock Market listing requirements.The Compensation Committee operates pursuant to a written charter, which can be found below.

Compensation Committee Charter

Independent Directors
Hon. Dirk A. Kempthorne
Idalene F. Kesner, Ph.D.
Richard P. Stovsky

Lead Independent Director
Arthur F. Anton

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