Keeping Our Information Assets Safe

At Olympic Steel, keeping our systems and data secured is a responsibility we take very seriously. In addition to carrying cyber security insurance, our talented Information Systems (IS) team partners with our Corporate Audit team in managing Olympic Steel’s “Written Information Security Program” (WISP). The objective of this program is to provide effective administrative, technical and physical safeguards that protect Olympic Steel’s information assets.

The WISP details a framework for managing threats, as well as a comprehensive risk assessment and an overall information security program (including the collection, storage, use, sharing, and proper destruction of Olympic Steel’s information assets after their useful life). The purpose of the WISP is to ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive information; protect against any reasonably anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of such information, and protect against unauthorized access to or use of such information in any way that creates substantial risk to the Company.

Olympic Steel’s Leadership team is actively involved in our cyber security efforts, from participating in company-wide training and periodic phishing simulations to engaging outside audit partners to ensure we continue to meet National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cyber security standards. As further support, Olympic Steel’s Board of Directors receives updates at least annually and offers program recommendations and best practices to strengthen security efforts.

Like all organizations, Olympic Steel has been the target of cyber-attacks. We believe our efforts have been successful in fending off attacks, successfully mitigating network infiltration, and preventing loss of Company data. To date, expenses related to any sort of data breach have been immaterial.

Our teams are well-trained and working hard to keep our systems safe and our data secured.

To learn more about cyber security efforts and related resource investments and protections or to get a copy of the WISP, please contact us at 216.292.3800.

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