Board Committees

Nominating and Governance Committee

The primary purposes of the Committee are to (i) assist the Board in identifying qualified individuals to become Board members, including those individuals recommended by shareholders; (ii) recommend to the Board committee appointments for directors; and (iii) oversee the evaluation of the effectiveness of the Board and the Company’s management.

All members of the Committee will be directors who, in the judgment of the Board, will be independent in accordance with the listing requirements of the Nasdaq Stock Market LLC (“NASDAQ”) and all other applicable laws, rules, and regulations governing director independence. The Committee will be comprised of at least three (3) directors. The Nominating and Governance Committee operates pursuant to a written charter, which can be found below.

Nominating and Governance Committee Charter

Independent Directors
Hon. Dirk A. Kempthorne
Idalene F. Kesner, Ph.D.
Michael G. Rippey
Vanessa L. Whiting

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